Wooden Rain Stick Bear Bunny

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Eco-Friendly Fun!

Wooden Toy Clear Rainstick is a fascinating wooden musical instrument and rattle with 2 smooth wooden ends and a perspex cover. This rainstick contains lots of small see through beads like raindrops which move from one end of the tube to the other when the rainstick is twisted back and forth. Inside the clear tube there are a series of flower like wooden structures which inhibit the smooth flow of the beads. Each time the beads bounce off and through the structures they make a tapping noise. As all the beads make their way through the tube it creates the sound of gently falling rain. Normally this process happens in a covered tube but with this particular rainmaker the tube is see through so you can watch the beads bouncing around as you hear the rain.

This is a wonderful musical instrument and has been beautifully re-imagined with an explosion of sound and colour. This rainmaker is suitable for 12 months plus and meets or exceeds all Australian safety ratings making it a very nice and safe rattle for smaller children with a gentle sound that won't drive you nuts.

  • Ages 12m+
  • 19.5cm(L) x 5cm(D)