Newtons Cradle White Marble Look

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Newton's Cradle White Marble Look: Experience the Beauty of Science in Motion!

Behold the mesmerizing Newton's Cradle, elegantly perched on a marble-look base, combining the aesthetics of classic elegance with the wonders of physics. With just a gentle lift of one ball, you'll set in motion a captivating dance of kinetic energy as the others respond in perfect harmony.

This timeless desk toy offers more than just entertainment; it's a miniature masterpiece of science and art. Whether you're seeking a momentary distraction, a source of inspiration, or a captivating conversation starter, Newton's Cradle on a marble-look base provides endless fascination for all ages. 

Witness the symphony of physics with the Newton's Cradle White Marble Look – where aesthetics meet science in a display that's both visually stunning and intellectually engaging.

  • 180(L) x 150(W) x 190(H) mm
  • Ages 3+